Live For The Kingdom

Times are getting rough these days and when there is no hope left here on earth, we know that we can call on God as we get down on our knees and worship Him. This life that you lead is given to you by God, so when you approach your earthly work for the Kingdom, remember the God that has humbled you this very day, this very hour, in this very time.

The vastness of the Kingdom is beyond our understanding, we can never know what God has in store for us as we continue our Work here for Him. Our job is to glorify Him, to take our ambitions away from earthly desires towards heavenly. Now my friend, be careful that you don’t stumble out of the field of His glory, boasting and pride pull you out of the field of play. Put your efforts towards directly others to God and what the everlasting life is all about. The Kingdom is important, that is where we will spend eternity and we want, to the best of our ability to bring people closer to the Almighty God in the everlasting Kingdom.





About Nancy Sabato

Christian Writer, Author and Speaker "Encouraging and lifting you to know Christ"
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